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He was an expert in soft tissue cavities. "Vagina," he said. "Rectum." His accountant looked up from the Schedule C, confused. The expert sighed. "Cunt," he elaborated, pointing at Field 12b. "Assh—" The bell attached to the door rang as the geologist came inside. "Igneous extrusion," he announced. "—ole," the cavity expert pointedly continued. "Young pussy. Ally Sheedy."

Date Written: September 29, 2005
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote:

09/29/2005 Will Disney: Okay converted to an instant short.
09/29/2005 Will Disney: wait -what? ally sheedy though.
09/29/2005 Klause Muppet: Ally Sheedy - Steve Guttenberg (Short Circuit)
Steve Guttenberg - Nancy Travis(Three Men and a Baby)
Nancy Travis - Charlie Sheen (Eight Men Out)
Charlie Sheen - Kiefer Sutherland (Young Guns I)
Kiefer Sutherland - Kevin Bacon (Flatliners)
Number 5 is alive!!