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I deal with facts. My process is methodical, straightforward and transparent. I do not believe in truth, though I do believe in falsehoods. Facts are what make this possible, this extraordinary ability of mine to collect facts and then put together an appropriate package. The type of package is immaterial; it could be an omnibus spending bill or slate of pro-business tax incentives. The important thing is that it is a package and that it is fact-forward in its posture. I do not claim my pragmatism as a special virtue. It is merely a fact. Look it up.

Date Written: October 24, 2005
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 3.5

10/24/2005 Litcube: This is pretty cool, I guess.
10/24/2005 qualcomm: i like this short's modest ambition
10/24/2005 anonymous: Thanks!
10/25/2005 Will Disney: nice to see some fresh content
10/25/2005 John Slocum (3.5): funny-strange, but needing just a tad more acid to push the phenolics through for adequate palate-penetration.
10/31/2005 Mr. Joshua: Reminds me of that guy in Hard Times
10/31/2005 Dylan Danko: Hey, Mr. Joshua!
10/31/2005 Ewan Snow: Though I'm pretty sure I read Hard Times (it's the one about the circus performers in the fithly factory town, right?), I don't know the reference. What character were you referring to?
10/31/2005 qualcomm: it's like, the first page in the book, dude.
10/31/2005 Mr. Joshua: Actually, upon re-reading the text helpfully supplied by qc, I see that Snow's protaganist and the Hard Times guy (not Gradgrind, but who, damn it, who?)are not so similar.
10/31/2005 Ewan Snow: Oh yeah...