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Between the botched Powerpoint presentation and the strip club incident, Jarvis had really screwed the pooch on the Conoco account. Everyone on 17 knew it, too. So it was no surprise when he dumped responsibility for the entire contract in Jennings' lap. Now Jennings had to catch up on 3 years worth of back files on a natural gas/energy account, when his speciality was textiles. Yup, pretty much everyone on 17 agreed that Jennings had a tough rug to munch.

At dinner that night, Jennings pawed desultorily at his steak and curly fries. His wife Millie had curled them herself, so she thought it was pretty tight that he didn't thank her.

"Dude, you could at least say thanks," she complained.

"Yeah," said Danny, their 4-year-old son.

"Look, team," said Jennings, "Daddy's got a very tough rug to munch this month. I couldn't soften that twat with Woolite, if you know what I mean. I feel like a used tampon. Emhasis mine," he added, winking at Danny.

Later in the evening, eating Millie out with gusto, Jennings suddenly stopped his furious lapping. Millie watched his glistening face rise over her mons horizon like a Gibbous moon.

"Mmmm," said Jennings, "This is much too rich. I couldn't eat another bite. I mean, get that vag away from me!"

Date Written: June 02, 2002
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.75

06/2/2002 anonymous (5):
03/1/2003 scoop (1): Desultorily? Fuck a thesauraus already. Fuck.
05/19/2004 Mr. Joshua (5):
05/19/2004 Ewan Snow (5): Okay, okay.
05/24/2004 TheBuyer (4): Golly Ward, that was awfully tough on the Beaver.
01/23/2005 Pusher Robot: Space has a terrible power. We are here to protect you. We are here to protcet you from the terribble secret of space.