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Spabacon had been away from his comrades, the slaves and bondsman of the Cave, for many risings and settings of the Sun (three months). He had been the first to venture outside onto the land which stretches beneath sky. It lies miles above the warren of Caves where the puppeteers cast shadows on the walls, ghostly impressions of a reality that stands in brute, stark precision above. Spabacon had been selected for enrollment in a lefty bleeding heart pilot program. But now he was back and looked good. He wore a pair of Ray Bans and a Toga that read ďI saw the Nature of Form and all I got was this stupid Toga.Ē It smelled, some comrades would agree later, like the shape on the wall of ďAutumn FreshĒ He had a suitcase and his skin was tan. Spabacon sat next to his pal Duodenumus, fastened the shackles to his feet hands and neck and settled in to his old seat. Spab. Dude! Duo. Spabacon! Spab. Aw man, itís good to be back. I missed you guys. I really did. At first it was like, hey! But then it was like, you know, whatever. The sun was a bitch, but I got these things called shades. Pretty cool, huh? And I scored some SPF 50. But still I got a little burned. Duo. We have eagerly awaited your return. In stolen whispers we have speculated on what Beauty you must have seen. Form and Virtue, the brilliance of that fiery ball in the Sky they call the Sun! Spab. Yeah. I saw it. Duo. And? Spab. I told you, it burns a little. But itís no big deal. Duo. And what of the Good? Truth? Justice? Spab. Yeah. I saw all that crap. Duo. And? Spab. No biggie. I admit the number Three was pretty cool. So was the color Mauve. But besides that it was all you know blah, blah, blah. Duo. Blah? Spab. Yeah. Letís not make a big thing of it. Did I miss any good shapes while I was gone? Oh! Almost forgot. Check this out. Spabacon reached into a suitcase with tourist stickers on it of cartoon Shapes and Forms that he had seen. He brought out a bag of marshmallows and bamboo skewers. He took two marshmallows and jabbed them on the skewers and handed one to Duodenumus. They roasted them over the shadow casting fire. Duo. And what of our dispute about the G-spot? Spab. Oh that thing? Doesnít exist. Thatís shadow all the way down, dude. I did see one thing that was pretty cool. Duo. Yes? What? Spab. An ďAllegory.Ē Duo. An Allegory? Have we seen its shape on the wall? Spab. (with a mouth full of gooey marshmallow pointing at a shadow on the wall) Ah, forget it. Oh look! Itís a giraffe, right? Wait no, a llama! Ah, itís good to be back!

Date Written: February 02, 2006
Author: scoop
Average Vote: 4.2

02/3/2006 Will Disney (3.5): this is weird. enjoyable in a way. kind of a rip off of 'the plot against america' too.
02/3/2006 anonymous: What the hell is that non sequitur comparison to Roth supposed to mean, Disney, you furry souled, morally vacant muppet? I'd shoot you right between those denuded google eyes of yours if the stench of burnt stuffing didn't turn my stomach.
02/3/2006 qualcomm (4): 4.24
02/3/2006 anonymous: ...and another thing, Disney, you fraggly creep quit looking at my wife like that with those glassy, bloodless, orbs sewn into your eye sockets, or else your gonna here from my attorney.
02/3/2006 Moe-Ron: yeah.
02/3/2006 qualcomm: and you'll there from my attorney, you scumbag
02/3/2006 anonymous: Whatevs.
02/6/2006 Klause Muppet (5): Very timely. Considering what's happening in the world.
02/8/2006 TheBuyer (4): I like it despite the ripoff.
02/9/2006 Why Are 9 Out Of 10 Girls Giant Slamhogs Questionm (4.5):