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Hi, mom, this is Veet, she has a talking vagina. My wife has a talking vagina. My wife has a talking vagina. My wife has a talking vagina.

Captain Svatos couldn’t make it sound normal in his head. He steered the plummeting rocket toward the Caspian Sea.

Pardon me, darling? Oh, it was just your vagina yelling at the news?
He chuckled to himself.

“Initiating deceleration, slowing from terminal velocity, maintain attitude and heading…Captain Giggle-bum,” Veet said and squeezed his leg. She smiled at him from behind her polarized face shield, “What’s so funny?”

You have a talking vagina.
“I was just thinking about how jealous all of my ex-girlfriends are going to be when they meet you.”

“Because of my talking vagina?”

“Mostly because humans can't fly,” he said, thinking about Veet's tits. Veet had humongous, hard tits which housed her brains in perky, voluptuous tit-skulls.

"I can't fly."

"Then yes, talking vagina."

Date Written: February 12, 2006
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 3.3

02/13/2006 Litcube (5): Oh, fuck. This one made me laugh. And good honest laugh.
02/13/2006 qualcomm (1.5): this is terribly written. also, the whole litcube/dipshit situation.
02/13/2006 Litcube: YOU'RE terribly written!
02/13/2006 TheBuyer: Undercooked. I like her tits.
02/13/2006 Klause Muppet (4): Everyone needs a "good honest laugh". 3+1=4
02/13/2006 Mr. Pony (2.5): I find myself liking certain things about this short, but something about it just doesn't, I don't know; add up.
02/13/2006 anonymous: It's better now.
02/13/2006 Klause Muppet: or still the same.
02/13/2006 anonymous: that's what i meant.
02/13/2006 Mr. Pony: My name is a killing word.
02/13/2006 Will Disney (5): Bravo! Qualcomm called me and asked me to up my 3.5 to a 5 to compensate for his vote. Okay, qualcomm...
02/13/2006 Mr. Pony: ha ha
02/14/2006 Litcube: Nice one, Buyer. This was really well written.
02/14/2006 TheBuyer: So were you!
02/14/2006 qualcomm: how cruel of you, disney, to force me to henceforth lower my ratings of bad shorts by a star or more to preempt your corrections. you must hate everyone.
02/14/2006 Dylan Danko (5): hi there, The Buyer.
02/14/2006 scoop (1): Why are we doing this to each other?
03/4/2006 Ferucio P. Chhretan (3.5): I thought the ending was good. kinda stringy in the middle.
03/18/2006 Master Bates: you just can't get enough tit-skulls, I say, nor talking vag
04/22/2006 Master Bates (5):