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The Critic Martin Hump got out of bed feeling mean. He laboriously composed many scathing critiques of the scat content and lack o' talent, etc. on his most-detested website, Acme Shorts. Dot com. The digs were fast and furious: 'A certain Mr. Johnny Bowels fails to amaze.' 'Unreal IS real---really, really gay.' 'Acme Shorts puts the 'litter' in literary'. But like most drug addicts Hump forgot the whole thing when he shat his drawers like a Frenchman & passed out.

Date Written: February 28, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 3.75

03/1/2006 Will Disney: I see!
03/1/2006 TheBuyer (5): Perfect.
03/2/2006 Mr. Pony: I think I am terrified by you, Master Bates. Can you tell us a little about the genesis of this piece?
03/3/2006 Klause Muppet: peachy!
03/3/2006 Mr. Pony: Master Bates?
03/7/2006 Mr. Pony (2.5): Well, anyway. I think this is not bad for a first time out.