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Countess Dracula found out quick about Vlad's quick quick temper & fast brutal hands soon after their godless nuptials. Bite a wino or crack monkey, watch out. Long story short, she had no fangs, no teeth at all in the front. Still, she needed sustenance... She still could fly; windows still were left open; and if by fate she could not bite, well, then, she could suck. And suck she did, long and hard, & she (Andrea) seems very, very, healthy, thank you very much. The Count's down with a virus, though.

Date Written: March 02, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 3.5

03/2/2006 Litcube: What?
03/2/2006 TheBuyer (5): Another triumph of wit and nuance!
03/3/2006 Will Disney: agreed.
03/3/2006 Klause Muppet: harrumph!
03/7/2006 Mr. Pony (2): I think this is pretty good, too.