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"Dad, why is the sky so blue?" Little Barney Joe was a bright young lad, eager to learn. "That's because your mother, The Bitch, did the Bad Thing. We're lucky to be alive. The sky used to be, uh, purple." "Really? Are you sure?" Dad knew so much! Like which kind of people tasted best, and where they lived, and worked... "Of course, son. I want you to learn the Truth. That's why you're home schooled. Now give me a hand, no, a wing."

Date Written: March 05, 2006
Author: Master Bates
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03/6/2006 scoop: Why?
03/6/2006 TheBuyer: I like the component parts of this short; the Roe V. Wade 22-Jan-73 undertones are astonishing.