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Sister Cecilia Maria was way famous for her explosive arm-wrestling skills, honors: California Open, '98; Waikiki Arms-A-Freaky, 2004, Interfaith SmackDown, '05. Trash talkin' thereof: 'Bring it, Sister!', short cut blond of hair. She managed to conceal both her methamphetamine & her steroid injections. She was addicted, holy; ambidextrous (paper or plastic?) and strong. Short cut blond hair. Road rage, a little. Never on a Sunday. She woke in a cold sweat, feverish, delerious, fresh sweat dripping from the corny Jesus tattoo, in a heart, on her left ass cheek. "Paper or plastic? Paper or plastic, can you hear me now. Bring it on, punk, I'd arm-wrestle God." Spit. "Are you talking to ME?" Secretly she had one soft spot, cute little PUPPIES, big-eyed cuddly fluffy little baby puppies, not nasty smelly cat-larva, thank God. "Jesus. I need some coffee."

Date Written: March 18, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 4

03/18/2006 TheBuyer (4): Ok!