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Everyone thinks they are so smart reading and writing these short shorts, but I wonder how many of them ever give a thought for the children who never had a chance to play in the sand? There are probably in the neighborhood of ten thousand innocent boys and girls out there right now whose dreams of being a cowboy or a ballerina will never be "for real", not because they did anything bad, but because of a system that does not allow the free expression of each's truest desires and emotions. It is all too easy to forget that there are ones out there, disadvantaged children in particular, who must live lives of hardship and want! They might enjoy "checking out" the new Clint Eastwood movie or reading a magazine with articles about things and sports that interest them, or many other pursuits, but they are unable to do so on account of being told how things like these are not appropriate for them, or too expensive and therefore not allowed to be purchased. It's easy to sit here and think how clever and intellectual we are but the fact is can we really say such things about ourselves when we can't even find a way of helping these children who don't even have all the same advantages as us. I am not trying to make a big statement, I am only trying to make people think, because sometimes its like we can't even see beyond ourselves we are so busy being like "we're so cool" but maybe we are really just being insecure?

Date Written: April 14, 2003
Author: Jon Matza
Average Vote: 4.25

04/14/2003 anonymous (2):
04/14/2003 anonymous (4):
04/14/2003 anonymous (5):
05/28/2003 Ewan Snow (5): This one’s underrated. It really made me think, cuz before I was like, “I’m so cool…”
01/8/2004 Dylan Danko (5): Missed this one
08/2/2004 Jon Matza: This is even more relevant today than the day it was written.
08/2/2004 qualcomm: i hate the narrator so much i want to three this.
08/2/2004 scoop (4): I thought the narrator was Matza. The sentiments seem to have a firewire right in to his soul. Especially the part about children.
08/2/2004 Jon Matza: OSS-the fact you're say that just proves you're so insecure!
08/2/2004 TheBuyer (4): You mean I'm not so cool? I'm going to donate something I don't really need to charity.
08/3/2004 John Slocum (5): I'm a children.
11/9/2004 TREE: Hmmmmm?