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The Way of Success Maynard Belken Junior was the very very lowest of staff writers on the set of 'The Postman Always Wrings their Neck Twice', (a MindSoft(c) production.) He wrote the soft babble that people spoke in the background of restaurants, bars, and crowds. He grew bored. He experimented, no one noticed; the extras weren't miked. Lip readers loved it. 'My galoshes & overcoats are caked--with the Ancient, purple, murky, Mud of Ages, boy! I like the kitty and the kitty likes me.' 'Peepy Pooper peeped a peck of poopy peepers, Sandman. Chicken pot pies for President!' 'Katie, bar the door. Jacki, are ya hearin' voices? Ten o' clock! Ten o' clock! Caw! Caw!' Maynard slowly gained weird cult status, celebrity, fast cars, fast women, opinions, and other bad habits. Burned out at 28, dialogue contrived & stilted. Joke on the talk shows, he sucked. No job, no future, no hope. And then he found the bongos.

Date Written: April 16, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 4

04/27/2006 Master Bates: And then he found the bongos.
05/16/2006 Mr. Joshua (4): Excellent inside short, MB. Note how my patronage of your art has lifted you above the much-esteemed Slappy White in the Guest rankings.
05/16/2006 Litcube: Master Bates has to be roughly 3 different people.