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Randy R. McRae was happy, shit, he was ecstatic about being on T.V., along with the soon-to-be Mrs. McRae, Heather Jones. He was so excited to actually meet John Marsh, producer of the hit new reality show, ‘Pimp My Bride’! The assistant production assistant did the follow up. He wore a real cool chin beard. The assistant found this part embarrassing. “You, uh, do realize…the, uh, Terms of the, er---contract. Right?” “Sure. ‘Pimp! My! Bride! ’ She gets lipo, breast enhancement, makeover, whatever. Right? AND they pay for the wedding. There’s bonus rounds!” “Yes, that’s true…” “Oh, yeah: ‘Bitch better have my money.’ I say that.” “No, you say pimp my bride. Big Pimp Daddy says the money thing. That’s part of it. The thing is---you get kind of a small percentage of the take, 8.1%, I think. Big Pimp Daddy gets most of it. Heather gets around 5%. And there’s sometimes normal wear and tear. It’s in the contract.” “I still get money, though, right? And I get on T.V.?” “Yes, that’s right. Sign here.” “’Bitch Better Have my Money---Not Some, Not Half, but All!’” “That’s very good. You’re a fan of the show. Sign here and here. Thank you.” Thank YOU. P.M.B. rocks!” Next day=show time. “Honey, I’m scared…” “Pimp! My! Bride! ”

Date Written: April 18, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 2

04/18/2006 Master Bates: scary funny
04/25/2006 Mr. Pony (2): Not my favorite work of yours, M.B.; but I do like the way this short somehow staggers through to its end.
04/25/2006 Master Bates: PMB rocks!
09/28/2006 Master Bates: real cool chin beard