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Things to do in 2003: 1. Get a job 2. Get a car 3. Get a divorce 4. Get a girlfriend 5. Learn to clog dance

Date Written: May 07, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote:

05/7/2006 TheBuyer: - 6. Stop posting every little piece of shit that floats into thine brain.
05/8/2006 Master Bates: good point, Buyer!
05/8/2006 Master Bates: guess I won't be needing this (tears up manuscipt of 'Somebody lost their shopping list')
05/8/2006 TheBuyer: I don't mean to dissuade you from posting your unique brand of bullshit here but Acme has a long history of carefully crafted, lustrous shorts. Posting unedited drafts and careless material is unfunny and toxic.
05/9/2006 Daphne: Aw, c'mon, that has to be a mistake.