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On Bulbus Rak (Altura 158), Planet of Walking Tits, women crawl on their bellies like reptiles, cobra-fast and whisper-quiet, pulled along by their muscular leathery teats. Me interplanetary bounty hunter, so when I raided the Hungry Hula I was prepared. I yelled, ‘Freeze!’, & I fully expected the ladies to scatter and the manfolk to flop helplessly on their bellies; they had not yet developed the required prehensile nipple strength. They had been piggy-backed there by their ‘bitches’. Their tiny peenies traced disturbing trails in the powdery red dust. I spotted the perp, pecs flaring, GaGonga 5. Her basketball-sized, steel-cleated brass-tipped boobies stood out like a red Ferrari at a Hyundai rally. I, being only human, retained my ability to walk upright on my hind legs. She was under arrest. But she got away, GaGonga. She racked up a few more felony manslaughter charges, mangling here, smothering there, leaving a blood smear down the alley. Tracked her with Nokkerhounds, cornered her in a dark, dead-end cul de sac, hot & sweaty tubers glistening. “These boobs are made for walkin’”, she whispered. And that’s just what they did. I watched her go. I gave a look to the lead Nokkerhound and they tore her tits to shreds.

Date Written: May 25, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 4.5

05/31/2006 Klause Muppet: Nokkerhounds should have been used in the first place.
07/21/2006 anonymous: That's not just good, it's 'Bulbus Rak' good. Congrats to Mister Baits on this bad dog.
07/21/2006 TheBuyer (4.5): missed this one
02/15/2007 Master Bates (5):
02/17/2007 anonymous: what the...
02/17/2007 Master Bates: 'cobra-fast and whisper-quiet'! that's not just good. That's 'Bulbus Rak' good!
11/19/2007 anonymous: A Testimonial. I've seen a lot of bad things on the Internet, no joke--people 'pooping' on people. Clowns, vomit, Gypsys, amputees, and Midgets. But nothing, and I mean nothing ever so wicked or gross disgusts me more that Master Bates and his yukky 'On Bulbus Rak'. You see, I'm blessed in the boobs and I certainly don't want to see a trend of attack Nokkerhounds gnawing on MY titties. No way, Jose. -Anonymous
11/19/2007 Mr. Pony: [citation needed]