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They say that life is like a block of marble—sculpting it into a gorgeous work of art’s up to you. Waste your time, and you’ll leave behind a boring old slab. You may call that modern art. I call it a tombstone, ok? That’s one of the ways we’re different. Me, I intend to make my life an intricate, rococo bas-relief, replete with tons of super imagery and symbolism. There will be lightning bolts, princesses, and probably centaurs. That’s me. Another thing about me is I always think things through to their ultimate logical conclusion. Like, most folks hear the whole block of marble business and are content to let that stand unexamined. But I figured out that if life is a block of marble, then time must be a chisel, and your use of it a hammer. And if all that is so, then the carving out of your life-sculpture sets up some kind of infinite regress, where the conscious act of life-sculpting is itself the way in which you sculpt your life. Sort of an Ouroboros business. I have a few other ideas, too, which I jotted down on scratch paper over some warm milk last night, but I seem to have left it in one of the drawers of my desk. Anyway, here’s my card.

Date Written: August 18, 2006
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.5

08/18/2006 Will Disney: replete
08/18/2006 Dick Vomit: First post-acme short!
08/23/2006 John Slocum: jotted
08/25/2006 Mr. Pony (3.5):
08/27/2006 Master Bates (4): blocka
09/6/2006 Dylan Danko (3):