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"Ha Ha! Peter Poopy Poopy Pants! Peter Poopy Poopy Pants!" yelled a bunch of mean fourth-grade kids at Peter, the Kindergartener with a potty problem, as he hung out by the monkey bars. The bullies always picked on him because he smelled of shit.

"But I urinated on myself!" Peter yelled back.

"Peter Urin-a-oop.. Uranoo... Uroop..." the bullies stuttered, before walking away frustrated.

"Yeah, that's right," muttered Peter, as he took a big ol' "Crap of Victory."

Date Written: April 30, 2003
Author: Slappy White
Average Vote: 3.875

04/30/2003 anonymous (1):
04/30/2003 anonymous (2):
04/30/2003 anonymous (5):
05/1/2003 Will Disney (5): squarely on genre - nice work, slappy
01/26/2004 Lenny (5): Dare I say - genius?
02/2/2004 senator (4): Short, sweet, and funny as shit. Daddy likey.
06/2/2004 John Slocum (4): Peter outsmarted the bullies!
06/2/2004 TheBuyer (5): Oh poo.
06/11/2004 Pix (5): School Yard Genius.