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come play with us. job_opp_pixar_story_artist re: subj who they heck is the editor here? (kidding!) power users: cmd+ctrl+d is my best friend - only in cocoa or aqua friendly mac apps. anyone have any non-mouse dictionary solutions better than m-w? they still fail the dict test... i dyslexically typed in w-m and got fwd'd to a site called 'muggo.com' Thanks mr. muggo - i am going to go slip in to a caffeine coma haze of

Date Written: September 13, 2006
Author: mixelpix
Average Vote: 3.25

09/14/2006 Will Disney (3.5):
09/14/2006 thecrutchofsociety (3): pretty darn good
09/14/2006 Mr. Pony: This is very weird. I fear the edges are slipping. I fear for us all.
09/15/2006 mixelpix: fearisthemindkiller. fearisthelittledeath
09/15/2006 TheBuyer: i'm having a hard time wrapping my shit around this.
09/17/2006 Master Bates: huh?