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I’d finally worked up the nerve to ask Judy from reception out on a date, and I wanted to make it really special. First, I picked some of the little wildflowers growing around the edge of my property and arranged them in a bouquet. I think they must have made a really amazing impression. When she opened the door, and I said, “I hope you like columbines,” the expression on her face was indescribable. I made sure to wear my best clothes, too, including this one-of-a-kind shirt I got while backpacking in India. It has this weird geometric pattern all over it, which I was told are ancient Hindu symbols representing the rays of the sun. I think they’re called swastikas. Anyway, Judy seemed pretty impressed. Well, long story short, we went to that new restaurant out on Lyter Avenue. It’s a Malaysian place that specializes in different preparations of what I’m told is called “orangutan shit.”

Date Written: September 14, 2006
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 2.66667

09/15/2006 mixelpix (5): Jew d
09/15/2006 Will Disney: ha
09/15/2006 Litcube: Where have I seen this joke before?
09/15/2006 TheBuyer: I laughed out loud at the last two graphs
09/15/2006 Klause Muppet: i did not laugh out loud.
09/15/2006 Mr. Pony (2): I feel like the idea here is not living up to its potential. It disappoints me to see an idea so unwilling to apply itself. If this idea would only buckle down, get on the stick, and put its nose to the grindstone, imagine what it could do?
09/15/2006 Litcube: I imagine it would do something very similar to a trick I saw a joke do already once before at a party. I don't remember where, though.
09/20/2006 Streifenbeuteldachs (0.5): sgdopjgpo
09/21/2006 Ewan Snow (4): Never read this one... Almost a three, but I laughed at the end. Yay!
09/21/2006 Ewan Snow: Ah, I see. It's new...
09/25/2006 Dylan Danko (4):
11/9/2006 TREE (0.5): P.O.S. I had hoped for some improvement.