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WATCH YOUR BACK the night, is the death, it creeps, as you weep, though partley insane, the robots, the driven, non-emotional beings, the wave link patterns, posion your brain, should you feel shame, are you to blame, so argue if you must, over power and greed, your politics are hypocrites, as any one should see, and when you get your war, why should you suceed, many deaths , bodies piled high, thats democracy, thats hypocracy, bow to the cops, dont flee, they need to keep us safe, from every thing, they need to keep me safe, from me, exploiting people at will, hell, they got time to kill, any one could fit the bill, come on, we got a life to steal, pull some one over, plant some pills, hey, we got a quota to fill, im framing people left and right, i got the lord on my side, im killing people left and right, its my job, and it feels alright, watch your back, lock your house up tight, the boys in blue are out tonight,

Date Written: September 18, 2006
Author: thecrutchofsociety
Average Vote: 3.75

09/19/2006 Master Bates (2.5): dirty coppers! they will liberate the heck out of you for your 'safety and protection'. Me no like poims
09/19/2006 TheBuyer: is this an rap song? because that's not funny. why isn't it funny? Dirtbag.
09/20/2006 thecrutchofsociety: its just a dumb thing, I think you will like the next one - yes life should be funny, its acual bad crutch, thats funny, but you're right I should imporve on it slightly,spelling left in tackt for the_bobq
09/20/2006 thecrutchofsociety: this shouldve been funny, on the next one I imitate you, so watch out buyer, it should be better
09/22/2006 the_fuckin_bob (5): ya, i remember this, thanks for postin it buddy, we shall work togeather to fight the forces of nazi-ism, with a ........ KEYAAAAAAA........ and many caratie chops, no no violance but you get the fuckin point..........