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Moms smiled I remember she smiled into the fresh scrubbed adorable little faces of us. "Have a great day, kids! And what do we say?" "Thank you?" guessed my sister, Britney. "Why do they hate our freedom?" "Ha, ha. No..." "Pimps in front, Ho's in the back?" Britney fished a booger, flicked it on Maw's authentic Alpine yodeling frock where it formed a perfect image of my hero, Bob Saget, wearing a monocle. The resemblence really was remarkable! "Well, no..." "Porn in the morning, nut without warning?" I, little Zethro, Jr. asked. "Tell it to the hand?" "No, but..." "Spankings is hugs that sting? Bitch better have my money?" I persisted. "No, but that's a good one. I was thinking..." "Look both ways? Before crossing?" "Yeah, that's it." She smiled. "Also kill! Kill! Kill!"

Date Written: September 19, 2006
Author: Master Bates
Average Vote: 2

09/21/2006 Will Disney: crazy!
09/22/2006 Litcube: Oh my.
09/22/2006 Litcube (2):
09/25/2006 anonymous: This is exactly the type of mindless gee-gaw Bates rites--clever and without any basis for existence, much like "Master Bates. Bob Saget is amazing tho.
09/25/2006 Master Bates: Just who is this Anon guy? I will crush you with my copyrighted Princess, Inc.(c) power bracelet. Reveal yourself, Sir. --Bates
09/25/2006 Master Bates: p.s. Sagat rocks Internet creep
09/28/2006 Master Bates: http://bobsagetisgod.com/
10/7/2006 Master Bates: if you don't submit you must acquit