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Jack had been in the market for a new mattress for some time. So when the delivery truck pulled up in front of his condo that day, he was ecstatic. Two huge men hopped out of the truck's cab and opened the back of the trailer.

Minutes later, they were setting it up in Jack's bedroom. The king-sized mattress he had ordered was so big, they had to close his bedroom door to install it!

One of the deliverymen was eager to make use of his employee discount on mattresses, so he had a lot of questions for Jack.

"What influenced your decision the most," he asked.

"I just wanted a nice big firm one," Jack replied. In demonstration, he lay down on the bed and said, "Mmmmm, nice and firm. And look at the size of this thing!"

The other deliveryman was pushing Jack's bed into position. He was making grunting noises.

"Do you mind if I try it," the first deliveryman asked.

"Go ahead," invited Jack, getting up off the bed.

The deliveryman lay down.

Outside Jack's bedroom door, Chrissie, Janet and Mr. Furley couldn't believe what they were hearing:

"Ohhh God, that is firm. It's HUGE too! I need one just like this so much: long and hard."

"Grunt... grunt... uummmff..."

"You like them like that, huh? OK, I want it against the wall -- right there..."

Date Written: May 07, 2002
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.75

03/1/2003 scoop (3): scoop felt ambivalent about this one. scoop jerks it with both hands.
02/3/2004 Ewan Snow (4): This si a funny one. Nice comment, scoop...
08/12/2004 John Slocum (4): Youthful and innocent. Pure. Playful.
08/12/2004 Mr. Pony (4): Youthful and innocent. Pure. Slightly less playful than Slocum would have you believe. En Garde, Slocum!