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Before the Baby Boom was the Fuck Boom. World War II had ended, and everyone was horny. It started with that sailor and the slut smooching on the cover of Life and spread from there like wildfire. People were boning in the streets. Guy I know fucked a doghouse. The air smelled of semen. American girls with their shirts tied in belly knots would spread their big meaty thighs and make you stick Ďem. For a couple years in there, you couldnít walk down to the chemistís for a Bromo-Seltzer without getting some. What, you didnít think all those babies just appeared, did you? They were fucked into existence, same as you and me. You got a lot of learning to do, kiddo.

Date Written: September 21, 2006
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.85714

09/22/2006 Master Bates (4.5): Wow.
09/22/2006 Will Disney: you're right about that last sentence there, author.
09/22/2006 TheBuyer: I wish there could be more Booms like that.
09/22/2006 Litcube (3.5): "Guy I know fucked a doghouse." Some of this has TheBuyer's rhythm.
09/23/2006 TheBuyer (3.5): jerk
09/23/2006 The Name Is Dalton (4.5): Dig that....dig 'em the sugar smacks frog. fucked a doghouse...ha! real gone
09/25/2006 Dylan Danko (2):
09/25/2006 Ewan Snow (4): Great first line and concept.
10/8/2006 thecrutchofsociety (5):