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"This blows. Or should I say, 'Arrrrgh. This blows.'" The irony (or was it, really?) had not been lost on Destro, now feeble and tired, but quite thrilled to be getting a chance, any chance, to work for money again. Sure, Major Bludd was bitter. Hell, the whole lot of them were. But this Icecapades bullshit paid. And this new generation of kids didn't even know who they were. Twenty years ago, no way these parents bring these kids in here. But now, they have no idea. They're watching a bunch of actors dressed up like G.I. Joe villains, skating around to that damned G.I. Joe theme song that even Danny Elfman couldn't worsen. How far had they fallen? Was this beneath them? Or was it better knowing that the crowd of patronizing parents, with their apelike spawn, really thought they were watching a bunch of harmless actors and not the real people themselves? Somehow Snake Eyes had been roped into all this madness, but he couldn't speak out to voice any objections. Damn you, 'Nam. At this point, Storm Shadow was about to utter the phrase, "What price, freedom?", but resisted. For one, he was too tired to speak loudly enough for the rest of them to hear, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, he feared playing 'the ham' and betraying the real pain that had lodged itself not only in his aching mind but in a right foot that was being squeezed to death by a size 9 ice skate.

Date Written: May 08, 2003
Author: Texxx
Average Vote: 2

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