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A Christmas Short Short

Ross Falcone prepared for the Christmas party with an egg nog enema. He plopped out a 'yule log' even Santa would have envied.

When Drake Colostomo found himself under the mistletoe, Ross would take advantage of his Christmas spirit (leveraging his nutmeg-scented colon).

That was the plan at least, but later that night, when the party was in full swing, Ross scanned the room and found that Drake was not there. Fuck! It never worked out like he planned. Ross felt sorry for himself and went to the basement to do some crank. He sat in the dark, preparing the fix, when he heard a noise.


"Who's there?" said Ross.

Drake emerged from the shadows, completely nude, with a sprig of mistletoe lashed to his penis with a red silk ribbon. The crank spread to Ross's loins and did its magic.

"O Tannenbaum!" Ross ejaculated as he got on his knees.

As the night drove on, the rank smell of man-passion filled the air... and a hint of nutmeg.

Date Written: April 27, 2002
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 4.6667

03/24/2004 scoop (5): Ahh, what the hell. scoop pulls off a holiday hat trick. And just in the nick of time.
10/21/2004 Litcube (5): Holy shit that was funny.
10/21/2004 qualcomm: have you edited this since it was published, snow?
10/21/2004 Ewan Snow: I don't think so. Why?
10/21/2004 qualcomm: i just don't remember "(leveraging his nutmeg-scented colon)" being in it originally. actually, cum to think of it, maybe i do.
10/21/2004 Ewan Snow: Yup, that was there, for better or worse...
10/21/2004 scoop: Drake Colostomo.
10/21/2004 John Slocum (4): Was there also an apply-bottom?