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The Tyrant “How many times have I told you to keep this door closed.” The store manager shut the doors to the dock and stormed off. The dock guy laughed right at him when he left, pushed open the doors again and put a door stop at one of them. He sat back down and started to read. It was Hunger by Knut Hamsun. The store manager walked in again. The dock guy put down his book. “Are you hard of hearing? I told you I want these damn stores shut.” The dock guy just stood there looking at him nodding his head. “And since you are obviously not doing anything.….why don’t you help the mens department fold some clothes?” “Sure…..” The store manager led the dock guy out to the mens department and showed him what clothes to fold. The other employees there laughed a little. The dock guy folded the clothes until the store manager left. He went back to the dock and started to read again. The Store manager went up to the Linens department. The linens manager and some of her employees were stacking up some beddings. The store manager came up to her. “Excuse me….I need you to clean out your stockroom a bit….it is a mess.” “I am sorry sir…but I have a lot of other important things to do….Christmas is coming up….and….” “I don’t give a damn what else you have to do….I am telling you now to clean out that damn stock room…..do you hear me?” “I am sorry sir…we have to get this other stuff done or…” “I said I don’t give a damn about the other stuff.. you do what I tell you now……I don’t know what I have to do with you managers to get you to listen and do what I ask…..do you tolerate this from your own employees? Or what?” “Well…sir….I” She was crying. Her employees looked at her with sympathy. “You get that other stuff done now….or you will be reprimanded.” He walked off. Just another day at work. Randall Pretzer

Date Written: January 17, 2007
Author: hamsund
Average Vote: 4

01/29/2007 Master Bates (3): I think I know this guy.
01/29/2007 TheBuyer: that guy sounds like a jerk.
01/29/2007 Litcube (5): Bob, I think this story about faceshitzm is the perfect catalyst for several of us to look inside ourselves and find the true anarchist within us all. The faceshits who rule these factorys are nothing but robots themselves. Right?
01/29/2007 Litcube: .......................................
01/29/2007 Litcube: .......
01/29/2007 Litcube: Bob?
02/23/2007 Klause Muppet: Yes?