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I think I'm gonna cum. Nnng, God, I'm gonna cum. You like it when I cum? I'm gonna cum on your face. You like that? You like my cum on your face? I'm gonna rub it all over your face and stick my cummy fingers in your mouth. I'm gonna cum on the sheets, creating permanent stains. You like that? You like permanent cum stains? You like it when I cum on the curtains and floor? I'll cum on your cat. Does your cat like my cum? I bet she will. It's a he? I still think he'll like my cum, the faggot. He'll like my cum because it's hot and sticky and it smells funny. You like it when I talk about cumming on your gay cat? I'll cum on the doorknob. I'll throw my cum, by the handful, by the bucket, till the streets run white. My cum will flow through the corridors of power. It will quench the sun, and form a dense ball of matter at the center of the galaxy, around which the cosmos will revolve. My cum will be the very agar jelly of your pitiful existence. No longer will you experience reality directly; it will be mediated by my cum. You like that?

Date Written: January 23, 2007
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.875

01/24/2007 scoop: I am wrestling with this short's confounding subtext.
01/24/2007 blow-up: I agree with scoop. This appears to be a short about someone's cum(?).
01/24/2007 Mr. Pony (4): I will laugh at this short like I did exactly once, but that's okay.
01/24/2007 Dick Vomit (4): I'll say this. Author really went for it. Stuck to his guns. Really stretched the cum bit.
01/24/2007 scoop: Yeah but what's he really saying?
01/24/2007 blow-up (4): I suspect he wants to cum on your gay cat.
01/25/2007 Klause Muppet (4): These are not stars. They are cum splotches.
01/25/2007 TheBuyer (2.5): junkish.
01/25/2007 thecrutchofsociety (3): erotic man
01/25/2007 Dylan Danko (1.5): No
01/25/2007 Litcube: I submitted a comment, and I submitted a rating.
01/25/2007 Litcube: The comment was about this short. And my rating was 4.5 stars. I said it was because I laughed a lot at the short.
01/25/2007 Litcube (4.5): This was the rating I gave the short.
01/25/2007 qualcomm: this is a very controversial short. therefore, it should be flagged as the latest controversy.
01/29/2007 Master Bates (4):
02/8/2007 Ewan Snow (5): LOL, dickholes, er, cumholes!
02/13/2007 Dylan Danko: i'll admit i was wrong and owe the author some stars which is very good of me.
02/19/2007 Jimson S. Sorghum (5):
02/12/2008 Jon Matza (5): seems obv