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"I think I hyper extended my elbow hailing a taxi. Jesus Samual, can you put the phone down and engage me?" Hildegard Mildmabright mewed. Samual tapped the ash off the tip of his vanilla Prime Time and grunted into the phone. "Gna," he said. Hildegard snapped off her ratty bra and cried, "My bosom is a fount, Samual, a fount of bosom...where is your hunger? Why are you so fucking obtuse, Samual?! Why??" She picked up and flung a gilded dildo fashioned from a petrified aardvark snout across the room with an unsatisfying clatter. It spun on the hardwood floor and left concentric gold circles. Samual glared at her with his one good eye. "Debutante," he sneered, "Find thy pride."

Date Written: January 25, 2007
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 2.83333

01/26/2007 qualcomm (1): there's good atonal and bad atonal...
01/26/2007 anonymous: how dare you
01/26/2007 TheBuyer: this is old acme stlyee. ewan snow fan fiction?
01/26/2007 qualcomm: oh, oh! i used an unconventional spelling of samuel! oh, isn't that clever?!
01/26/2007 TheBuyer: why do you hate europe?
01/26/2007 Litcube (3.5): I enjoyed.
01/26/2007 Master Bates (4):