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The dowager known as Lady Winnifred -----, in the year 18--, in the town of ------, my great-great-great-great grandmother, did knowingly lease her company for an honest copper piece, working her smelly mechanical hips like a robotic penny whore. Pornographic needlepoint and erotic embroidery was her passion, her forte, (also the penny-fucks.) Unicorns, satyrs and nymphs gamboled and froliced on the bed when she was T.C.B. Winnie wisely invested her pennies and now I'm worth over $218 Dollars US. She is said to have melted a copper into a glowing red nugget with her drunkenly ignited butt farts. She fused an undocumented complicated wiring system with the wiring she shat and that's how she invented the Internet, not Gore.

Date Written: February 08, 2007
Author: Master Bates
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02/8/2007 Litcube: Oh, I come on. Your grandma didn't invent the Internet. Fuck that.