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She was fun, big fun. Fun! Kinky, spunky, weird. She was as much fun as a barrel of vaginas but after a while she was the same old familiar tall slim blonde barrel of vaginas. So I moved on, I cut her loose. Auf Weidersehn, baby, and I dumped her, or she dumped me. Oh yeah it was the barrel of vaginas and being more fun than she got sick of that. She got sick and she died. But life goes on so I curdled a wild strain of yoghurt out of the barrel of vaginas, what with global warming. Global warbling, that affected tremelo of effete fancy snobs, is worse.

Date Written: May 15, 2007
Author: Master Bates
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05/25/2007 Litcube: What!?
05/30/2007 Klause Muppet: it's quite clear actually