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Susie had had a few beers, and all of the sudden things were seeming different to her. She was upstairs at the party with Sammy, who she had previously dismissed but who she had ended up making out with nonetheless.

All of the sudden, she felt something deep inside of her that she knew what she wanted to do. She kissed Sammy and whispered in his ear, “Sammy, I want to do it.”

Sammy’s eyes widened. The two of them began to take off their clothes and they got under the sheets together. They kissed a little bit. Susie moved Sammy’s hand onto her breast. “I’m ready,” she said.

“Uhhh,” Sammy said. Susie reached her hand down under the sheet. Sammy did not have an erection.

“Come on!” she said. “I’m ready!”

But Sammy could not come on.

A few minutes later they got dressed and walked back down to the party. Susie’s suspicions had finally been confirmed. Sammy was a poor loser who couldn’t even get it up.



Dear Reader,

As I come to the conclusion of the ‘Susie and Sammy’ cycle (see Susie had gone over Sammy’s house to work on a project for school... and Sammy sat on the bus waiting for it to leave school and to bring him home.), I feel the time has come for a little commentary. I’ve received dozens of emails asking me, ‘Will H. Disney, are these stories autobiographical? Are you Sammy?” And the answer, I’m glad to tell you, is no. ‘Sammy’ is actually Ewan Snow (see Authors box to the left), and these three shorts are based on sad anecdotes that he told me in private about his own childhood. Well, I hope that these shorts can provide him with some closure. And at the same time, I hope they’ve provided you with some measure of enjoyment.

I remain, as always, your servant, etc.
Will H. Disney

Date Written: May 15, 2003
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 4

05/15/2003 anonymous (5):
05/15/2003 anonymous (5):
08/10/2003 Dylan Danko: Funny how this one received 5 stars but no comments.
08/11/2003 Will Disney: funny how?
10/3/2003 Jon Matza (2): Not that there's anything particularly wrong with this one, but my conscience and intelligence both object to it being presented to the public as an example of a perfect short or the best the site has to offer.
10/3/2003 Will Disney: yeah i agree actually
01/22/2004 Will Disney: wait - i *don't* agree! who said it was perfect?
06/10/2005 Ewan Snow: DUDE!
06/23/2005 Kenji X: We can write serial shorts, too? Shit I had no idea.
01/22/2007 TheBuyer (4): I like the needless ripping on an another author for the sake of comedy.