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The shit was going to hit the fan like a bad situation coming to the fore. Micky couldn't breathe. He hadn't felt this fucked up in the head since his dog had been involved with a series of insanely coincidental accidents. Lawsuits. Oh God, he still owed. But this was different. His woman had left a note on his desk this afternoon: You're a sick, perverted, untruthful bastard. In his head, he had edited the note, putting a check next to sick, a check next to perverted, but an X next to untruthful. The bastard part he was fairly sure was incorrect too. But he was afraid now. Afraid Minnie would leave him. It wasn't like she didn't have other offers. Maybe he could ask Donald if he could crash there tonight. But Donald was such a duck. He hated ducks. Why hadn't he just been more careful? Take The DVD Out Of The Fucking DVD Player.

Date Written: May 15, 2003
Author: Benny Maniacs
Average Vote: 4.4286

05/15/2003 anonymous (1):
05/15/2003 anonymous (5):
05/16/2003 qualcomm (5): this is the best guest short yet
07/24/2003 Will Disney (5): strong opening sentence
01/23/2004 Mr. Pony (5): Yes. That's a modern classic. Yes.
05/14/2004 TheBuyer (5): that goddamn goofy dog
08/7/2004 scoop (5): Bad situations are always coming to my fore.