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I always felt as though something was amiss. I felt that you felt something was amiss too. I could have done a better job, with them babies. Farnworth started. There was company. The screeching began immediately, followed by the sobbing, then vomit. Tissues, cigarettes, weeping, confessions and lies. Fucking. I pickle the dogs testicles when they're neutered. She shifted her sweaty tit, Farnworth relished the cool in his armpit.

Date Written: September 12, 2007
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 1

09/13/2007 qualcomm: i fail to understand what is happening here...
09/13/2007 Ewan Snow: As many of you may know, I called on all Acme authors to write new shorts. I should have clarified that I meant non-crappy shorts! What the F?
09/13/2007 qualcomm: i'd assumed it was yours, from your call to action.
09/13/2007 qualcomm: maybe disney re-promoted texxx/cabot?
09/13/2007 Ewan Snow: I figured it was The Buyer. I dunno, am I missing something with this one. It seemed to me like somebody just wrote a bunch of junk, checked that it had 69 words, and posted it.
09/13/2007 qualcomm: this short should be taken out and raped. but it would probably like it, the sick, deluded fuck.
09/19/2007 scoop (1): This just depressed me. And that's really saying something.
09/19/2007 Dick Vomit: what the fuck, dude?