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On the way to the crappy apartment where I aimed to go to sleep was when Corrine told me about what happened with the theatre manager. She told me that I was right about the alpha male thing. He started off with a rant, a loud one. He yelled and pointed at things that were supposed to be in the trash but were on the carpet. They were obvious things but small; labels, plastic bags, wrappers, decorations detritus, nothing worth ranting about. I should back up. I'm a decorator. A professional. I have a badge. Temporary. Number 0816. I was at the theatre on a job that was supposed to to take two days, it took six. Corrine was my boss. Hell of a girl. Had a side pony. Rocked it. Rocked the side pony. I digress. Corrine refused to speed in her Subaru which was fine by me. She was a good driver, you can tell the moment somebody touches the wheel. I took a look around and asked her where she got the car. She told it me it belong to the wife of a doctor that she didn't know and I took this to be true because she'd never lied lied to me before, not to my knowledge. Then she told me about the theatre manager who we'd discussed earlier. She explained to me his rough approach, earlier I mean, this is when she explained to me his rough approach and this is when I gave her my opinion on the matter, earlier. But that also is neither here nor there. She told me the following in the first person while she drove the Subaru to the place I was meant to sleep. I didn't sleep there but that again is neither here nor there. Corrine said; I got phone call from Joey [our collective boss] and she says that Jack [the theatre manager] isn't happy. I asked her why Jack was not happy and she told me that it was because he found all kinds of garbage from when we decorated and the garbage was on the carpet in the lobby. He says he found labels and plastic bags and coffee cups and god knows what and that the decorators must fix this unacceptable use of the theatre. The theatre manager was insistent that the persons responsible for the mess should clean the mess up. Corrine said this but she could not account for the theatre manager's insistence that the decorators clean up the mess. After all, this was at a reputable casino with a reputable cleaning staff who would have been proud to clean the plastic and detritus and whatnot. Proud. This was not the issue. Corrine related to me how after several minutes of conversation with the theatre manger she found herself on her hands and knees. She found herself degraded and picking up plastic from the carpet. She told me that the theatre manager had spoken harshly to her at first but softened considerably when she got on her hands and knees and picked the small, plastic fragments out of the carpets with her fingers. She told me that he was pure alpha like I said. So I fell in love with her but cannot tell her.

Date Written: December 06, 2007
Author: TheBuyer
Average Vote: 4

12/7/2007 Will Disney: This *is* the latest controversy.
12/7/2007 Litcube: I totally commented on this already. My comment isn't here. Disney, this website is broken. In protest, I will not repeat myself. This is what I will be doing in protest.
12/7/2007 Master Bates (4): pretty damn good
12/8/2007 TheBuyer: i wrote this? it's better than my other shorts, probably an mistake.