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Breasts struggling vainly against her cashmere sweater, Jennifer clicked the checkbox affirming that her mailing address and billing address were one and the same. Breathlessly, she proceeded to the next and final screen of the iMerchant Java applet, oblivious to the protestations of her warm, flexing bottom. The 'Confirm Order' button irrevocably clicked, Jennifer's pussy was helpless to stop the now inevitable chain of events that would send a parcel hurtling towards her through the postal system!

Date Written: December 22, 2007
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3

12/26/2007 Mr. Pony: oh, oh
12/26/2007 Mr. Pony: nah, I'm just kidding.
12/26/2007 Mr. Pony (3): I am wondering if this idea could have been gotten across to greater effect if condensed further.
12/26/2007 qualcomm (5): this is the first short in acme history composed, edited, and submitted via smartphone
12/29/2007 TheBuyer: how does that excuse the shitty bits?
12/29/2007 TheBuyer: not that you haven't saved acmeshorts, but at what cost?
12/29/2007 qualcomm: i shan't defend this short against vague criticisms
01/3/2008 Jon Matza: parcel
01/3/2008 qualcomm: i've now heard from two people who misunderstood my intention with this short. clearly i have failed the community. the idea was that whatever jennifer is doing, its importance pales beside the simple fact of her dynamite tits, ass, and pussy. i mean, who cares that she's ordering something online? after all, her pussy.
01/3/2008 Dylan Danko: Sure, but in general who cares if she's ordering something online?
01/3/2008 qualcomm: you mean, because of her pussy?
01/3/2008 Mr. Pony: I do. I think it was a really neat comment on our consumer culture, and how the instant gratification of online shopping has replaced many of the more tangible pleasures in our lives. I think I read a similar article in the New York Times Magazine, about four years ago.
01/3/2008 qualcomm: by tangible pleasures, you mean her pussy? that's tangible! verrrry tangible.
01/3/2008 Litcube: I would have liked to hear more about her breasts. Though.
01/4/2008 Jon Matza: parcel