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"Wouldn't you like another cup of tea, darling?" Emily asked. Merchison folder his newspaper and sighed ambiguously. A years-long regime of systematic browbeating having failed to adequately tenderize Emily's psyche, the time had come to finalize preparations for beating his wife in earnest.

Date Written: December 26, 2007
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4

12/27/2007 Will Disney: Okay.
12/27/2007 Mr. Pony: Sweet title.
12/29/2007 TheBuyer (4): hahaha
01/3/2008 Dylan Danko: So he's pissed because she pestering him to have tea?
03/27/2008 TheBuyer: this is one of those new smart phone shorts i've been hearing so much about, nay?