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All loud farts are alike; all silent farts are violent in their own particular way. All was stinky in the O'Gasky household. The wife had smelt that the husband was farting with their former French governess, and had blasted the husband with the news that she could not fart in the same house with him. The odor had festered for three days now, and was painfully smelt by the couple themselves, as well as by all the members of the family and household. They smelt that there was no sense in their farting together and that people who fart simultaneously at any inn have more connection with each other than they. ... "Oh, you haven't farted then?" he smelled Kitty's gas suddenly, as she bent over and let one loose in the drawing room. "What is it? You're not worried about farting?" she said, farting intently in his face in the starlight. But she could not have seen his face had the flash of a lit fart not hidden the stars and revealed it. In that flash she smelt his fart distinctly, and smelling that he was calm and happy, she farted at him. "She stinks," Levin thought; "She knows what I'm smelling. Shall I fart on her or not? Yes, I'll fart on her." But at the moment he was about to fart, she began farting. The End

Date Written: January 07, 2008
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4.64286

01/8/2008 qualcomm (4.5): This is a really great spoof
01/8/2008 Will Disney: hello
01/8/2008 Will Disney (4.5): good
01/10/2008 TheBuyer (4.5): fart
01/10/2008 cuntry (3.5): gross
01/23/2008 Dylan Danko (5):
01/26/2008 Litcube (5):
02/6/2008 Ewan Snow (5): Oh, man is this good. Is this new, or did I miss it in the before-time?
02/6/2008 Ewan Snow: I guess it's sorta new...
02/12/2008 Jon Matza (5): These stars are your due brother, and I render them thusly unto you (despite struggling unsuccessfully w/the syntax & sense of the "but she could not have seen his face" line).