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I needed a logo and I needed it fast. Demand for Company product had more than trebled since Q207. The reasons were threefold: first of all, something impressive sounding having to do with today's complex, everchanging global economic climate. Secondly, our cash flow statement was finally starting to reflect the synergies we'd achieved in Consumer (domestic) via vertical integration, and the increased marketing & PR thus enabled was taking effect. Last but not least it'd be a crime not to acknowledge (and laud) the superlative efforts of our salesforce, spearheaded by the brilliant Bill Jevers. Yes indeed...given the state of sawbuck it was an achievement about which everyone could feel proud, from Corporate right down to Deliverables. But if we were gonna complete with the big boys (e.g., CrownCorp, iFlugel, Portman-Skilvington), let's face it--we were gonna need a corporate icon that didn't look designed by little Tommy Tay-Sachs. No, if the rebranding initiative was to reap fruit in this fiduciary climate, Zlady Industries would need something more impactful. Something instantly recognizable...something whose aesthetic was way more in sync with the Company's corporate mission ("Bringing You the Best Cod- and Hake-Based Products at the Second Fairest Price") than the old "smiling elephant head swastika" had ever been. Something vector-based, in short. That wouldn't pixilate upon resizing. Most of all it shouldn't rely on pussy-ey (non-primary) colors like orange and brown. I pulled out my trusty #2 and started sketching. Less than 5 minutes later the Company's new logo was ready. It'd need minor tweaking, sure--but basically we had liftoff. Stepping back to examine my handiwork, I couldn't stop a smile from creeping over my face. Hate to holler about my own birthday...but man could she ride.

Date Written: February 07, 2008
Author: Jon Matza
Average Vote: 4.8

02/8/2008 Will Disney: Matza.
02/13/2008 qualcomm (5): now that we're friends again, i'll give this what it deserves.
02/14/2008 Dylan Danko (5):
02/15/2008 Jon Matza: I call ripoff on QC: "Friends", Zeppelin III.
02/15/2008 Litcube: Jon Matza
03/6/2008 scoop (5):
05/4/2010 Marvin_Bernstein (4): I would go 3 1/2 but some times 1/2 starts aren't available. Why is that?
05/6/2013 Mr. Pony (5): Found this short via a colleague on LinkedIn. I'm really feeling this one on multiple levels. Two levels, to be precise.