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A row of dark green filing cabinets wallowed in the dusky gloom of the office storage room. Two minutes earlier, Murtz had pulled the drawer labeled "Frauhammer-Frumane" in lackadaisical ballpoint. The Frojar file. Now, Murtz was looking through the file! He licked his thumb before turning each page. On one of the pages, he had written the number "7" next to a Mexican woman's name. He turned back to this page and looked at the numeral. After a few moments' hesitation, he gritted his teeth and drew a serif through the 7's vertical line. "Hey, Walter!" Walter (Murtz) spun around. Backlit against the pitiless, inhuman glare of the fluorescents in the corridor, Lundt hulked like a Cavity Creep. "Whatcha doing?" Lundt asked. "Nothing interesting, Lundt. Go away." "I just thought I should remind you that it's Meg's birthday today, and since you're in charge of cupcakes this month, well, you know..." "Why don't you come inside, Ned," Murtz said, shifting gears (tonally speaking). Lundt took a single step inside the room. "Close the door behind you, Lundt." "Why?" Lundt asked with playful, gay suspicion. "Because I can't see you against those fucking lights," Murtz pointed out. Lundt flicked the storage room's light switch. "How's that?" He asked brightly. "Just step inside and close the door behind you. I need to talk to you about something." Lundt made a face. With an exaggerated turn, he closed the door. Only problem is, when he turned back around, he was face to face with Murtz's silenced Magnum .45. "Whom else have you told?" Murtz breathed. "About... what?" Lundt shifted to his other foot. "The cupcakes." "Um. No one. Why?" Murtz practically vomited a sigh of relief. He pulled the trigger and laid waste to Lundt's mind. A dementedly bright shaft of light poured in from the corridor through the bullet hole, illuminating Murtz's contorted, blood-spattered face as it watched the rest of Lundt's body slide wetly to the floor. "You're stupid!" he shrieked at the corpse. "Stupid!"

Date Written: April 01, 2008
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4

04/2/2008 Ewan Snow: Uh, I like the title. But I might have to give this F-er a 3 or so. Not so ha ha for me. My apologies to the author for what was so clearly a sincere and diligent effort!
04/2/2008 anonymous: I tried my best
04/2/2008 Mr. Pony (4): Well, I, Matza, liked this. It was playful and silly. 3.75.
04/13/2008 Litcube (4):