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I keep my weed in a walk-in humidor. Indica on the right, sativa on the left and hybrids in between. I have a carton of wide Honduran spliffs rolled in dried cannabis leaves. When Alan Duncan from Weed Spectator came over last year, I opened the carton and we lit one up. He gave it a 99, though to be honest I thought it was more like a 97. What I prize far more is a little dime bag I have from a Dead Show in 1982. This dime is the last of The Great '82 Humboldt Stash that became famous after Hunter S. Thompson's coma that year. The funny thing is it's not one of those too-strong, send you into a coma types of weed. It's mellow and yet mind boggling, with an earthy, hippie taste. I would say it's a 99, but guys like Alan Duncan don't write articles about a dime bag from some Dead show in the 80's. It doesn't sell magazines.

Date Written: April 12, 2008
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 3

04/15/2008 qualcomm: so true, but not so funny!
04/15/2008 anonymous: Yeah, it's more of a think piece.
04/15/2008 Litcube (3): I don't know. There's something to be said for worth-while humour that we just nod along to as opposed to laughing out-loud to. I'd give this a 4, if I wasn't aware that a magazine was involved in the first place; meaning, if the magazine review was a surprise, I'd have been delighted(!).
04/16/2008 Ewan Snow: How dare you?! To the thunderdome! 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a flame war!
04/16/2008 qualcomm: this is like this.
04/16/2008 anonymous: Yeah, but that one's better...
04/17/2008 Jon Matza: Tell me about it guy I was majorly baked when I read this not to mention shitfaced out of my mind on brewmonis, put it this way no need to call the psychic hotline 2 know who's gonna win the yak-o-thon tomorrow morning LOLOLOLOL!!!
04/17/2008 Jon Matza: 'za is back!!!
04/18/2008 Will Disney: 4.75 stars for that comment, za. btw, are you psyched? your big namesake holiday is coming up.
04/28/2008 Jon Matza: Sure I'm psyched...to robo-pound four glasses of 'schevitz as I recline!!
04/28/2008 Jon Matza: suck it, pharaoh