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The little river bubbled over the pebbles at the bend and sandpipers ran about jerkily, cocking their heads and burying their fucking beaks in the sand. Diana’s eyes followed the meandering stream that curved like an elfin penis in both directions, but there was no path and no fucking bridge. She edged up to the gentle shore and looked into the center to judge its fucking depth. Without hesitation, but without haste, she put her sandaled fucking foot into the water and carefully stepped out toward the center of the stream. The icy water, shocking on the first step, was now numbing and rising higher with each step, now at her knees, now at her fucking hips. She could see the bottom, but it was deeper than it fucking looked. Upstream a few yards was a tiny island of sand and rocks which partly fucking blocked the force of the current. As Diana stepped past the lee of the island, the full force of the fucking stream overtook her. She lost her footing and panic gripped her as she was swept down-fucking-stream. A moment fucking later the brutal current pulled her under and everything went fucking white. She was pulled in every fucking direction and smashed violently against the fucking bottom. She came up for air a second later and saw that she was now heading into a stretch of fierce rapids, frothing white like the mouth of a rabid fucking wolf. She was moving very fast now and saw her fucking fate before her in a flash. She would be fucking torn to bits against the rocks below. Good thing she grabbed this branch that was, like, on the side of the river and pulled herself to fucking safety.

Date Written: May 28, 2003
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 4.5

05/28/2003 anonymous (5):
04/4/2004 scoop (5): He said "fuck" alot. Yeah. fuck.
11/17/2004 Mr. Joshua (4):