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I went to the Tubs with two objectives in mind: (1) to be a Cum Slut; and (2) to get my Bug into as many Asses as possible. Unfortunately it was a very slow night. There wasn’t much Cunt to be had. After some time scoping about and finding little of interest, I returned to my room and left the door open. I was lying on my bed watching a Vid, playing with my Dick to keep it erect. Enter this bearish guy in his 60's, ample beard intermingled with gray; dark brown fur all over his body—nervously gauging my reaction to his presence. I nodded to let him know I wasn’t displeased. He leaned forward and sucked me—bypassing the small talk and introductions. I repositioned us so he could sit on my face and worship my DeathStick. With a couple licks of my tongue, I could tell this guy was a Bottom and a needy/greedy Bottom at that. Pretty soon I was alternating between finger-fucking and eating his Hole. When I got three fingers in him, he couldn’t resist. “Can I sit on your Cock?” “Suit yourself.” He slid down my body, and deftly lowered himself on my Shaft. “Man,” I thought to myself, “if there was ever a guy ready for POZZING, he was it!” "Let me up so I can do this right." With him kneeling on the edge of the bed and me standing behind him, I plowed his Ass. "I think your fist would fit in me nicely.” I grabbed my KY Plus (the stuff with N-9, that facilitates POZZING). I lubed up my hand, on which I had cultivated two pointy nails and worked it up his Chute. Yes, my Fist did fit quite nicely. After rummaging around, I withdrew to see the results of my scraping. My mitt was speckled with red—and with brown. I quickly cleaned off on the inside of my towel. His Hole adequately prepped, I proceeded to plant my Bug up his Butt. Just as I was getting ready to shoot, a really hot sultry Bitch came in to watch, diverting attention from the treachery at hand. The Pig grew self-conscious, and my own Lust diverted to the Twink in the doorway. The Interloper departed, driven away by Pig Bottom’s hostile glares. But our ardor diminished, we mutually decided to take a break. The Bottom remarked he’d be back in an hour, with which I passionately concurred. Vowing never again to be diverted from so meritorious a Task, I setup for Pig Bottom’s return. From my bag I withdrew a syringe needle, uncapped it, and hid it beneath spare towel on the bedstand. Then I went about scoping out all floors once again—stopping in the Smoking Lounge for a puff. In the murky steam room, I encountered the Twink whose unbidden entry had so calamitously upset my applecart. With his prolific Load dribbling down my leg, I returned to my room to await Pig Bottom’s return. I hadn't been back very long when there was a knock at the door. Again I got to dicking his Hole. While he was distracted, I retrieved the needle from the bedstand, stabbed my forefinger several times, glanced down to ascertain I was bleeding profusely, and slid my fist back up his Butt. As soon as my bloody finger caressed his Ass Walls, he went BANANAS! "Fuckin' Hot!" he exclaimed over and over again and blew his Load. Mind you, he knew nothing of what I had done to my finger; and I did nothing different with my Fist. I submit to you he was NEG, and had intuitively discerned the onslaught of the Bug.

Date Written: August 06, 2008
Author: Coleoptera King
Average Vote: 4

08/7/2008 Mr. Pony: I've never really looked at towels as having an inside and an outside before.
08/7/2008 Jon Matza: I liked this, but I wasn't able to tell if he give him good aids or bad aids...?
08/8/2008 Litcube: Wow.
08/12/2008 Mr. Pony: Jon Matza, which one is good aids?
08/31/2008 Litcube (4.5):
09/2/2008 scoop: Is this a true story?
09/5/2008 TheBuyer (3.5): i am a redneck. homosexuals scare me.
08/29/2010 Marvin_Bernstein: I really like his style, classic