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I keep my mind in my brain, which is located in my skull, a round bone enclosure supported by my spinal column. I use it to control my actions, such as moving my arms, which terminate with manipulators – hands if you will. I use my hands to manipulate my genitals, two pendulant glands and a tube of erectile, sponge-like tissue, which, once properly manipulated, spurts buckets of hot jizz, which needs no explanation.

Date Written: August 27, 2008
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 4.1

08/28/2008 Mr. Pony (4.5):
08/28/2008 Litcube (4): Buckets.
08/28/2008 qualcomm (4): i thought the ending was vulgar and uncalled-for
08/28/2008 anonymous: Me too.
08/28/2008 qualcomm: hey, crazyguy, i think i finally found a wholesome short!
08/28/2008 CrazyGuy: Uh, qualcomm, I don't appreciate being fed false information. This short is, in fact, not wholesome! At first I thought it was, but then it had "jizz"!
08/28/2008 Jimson S. Sorghum (4): Yay! Hot jizz!
08/29/2008 TheBuyer (4): Shiny
08/29/2008 Litcube: One positive spin on the death of Acmeshorts, is really the quality of these new shorts. I mean, who'd be retarded enough to post a poor short after the death of Acmeshorts So keep posting shorts after the death of Acmeshorts. They're bound to be excellent.
08/29/2008 Jon Matza: pendulant
08/31/2008 Litcube: Guys, can we just be positive?
09/5/2008 Will Disney: quality
09/21/2008 Dick Vomit: Let me be the first on acme to say: LOL.
01/8/2009 Litcube: