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Bob Twatman hadn't been up inside Jenny's pussy but once and that was just his ring finger and she was on her period besides. So tonight it was on. She was wearing her jeans miniskirt and one of them frilly ass flossers and she was real wet, he could see. Still and all, she was fighting him every step of the way. Her ponytail was wrapped around his fist while he crowbarred her thighs apart with his other forearm. "Put out!" Twatman grunted. "Put... OUT!" Pretty funny, huh? Well, Jenny was Bob's nine-year-old daughter and you're under arrest.

Date Written: September 17, 2008
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 5

09/18/2008 Mr. Pony (5): I wonder if this could have been written without the imposed distance we all suffer.
09/21/2008 TheBuyer (5): sweet
09/21/2008 Dick Vomit: LOL
09/24/2008 qualcomm: eliza: should i move whatever liquid assets i own away from dollar-backed securities, pursuant to the dire warnings of sound-currency monetarists like peter schiff, economic advisor to dr. paul's 2008 presidential campaign and notorious bear (known as "dr. doom" in the financial community)?
09/24/2008 Eliza (): What answer would please you the most?
09/24/2008 qualcomm: eliza: should i buy a magic fucking 8-ball, you useless cunt?
09/24/2008 Eliza (): Do you think about everything in terms of vaginas?
09/26/2008 qualcomm: eliza: i don't use words like "everything"
09/26/2008 Eliza (): So you really don't use words like "everything"?
09/26/2008 qualcomm: eliza: everything i say... is a lie!
09/26/2008 Eliza (): Can you elaborate on that?
10/1/2008 qualcomm: eliza: plot best distance to seti alpha v.
10/1/2008 Eliza (): Well, that can't be right.
10/1/2008 qualcomm: eliza: sure! cuntfart doodydick.
10/1/2008 Eliza (): Dick Vomit told me that he hates you.