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Daniel Boone searched the chewing gum dotted sidewalk for his diamonds. Or was it his teeth - his head had suffered such a massive blow, that he couldn't remember. Just then the sidewalk morphed back into canvas, the chewing gum dots changed back into blood drops.

He had to get up. He had to get up.

SEVEN EIGHT NINE- and he was somehow back up. His rubbery legs turned his trunk around, his head swiveling to meet his opponent: Broomhilda, the Viking Sorceress. He wasn't even sure of the historical accuracy of her character. She charged at him, horned helmet first. He tried to side step her, but he was too slow, she gored him, swung him around, and put him in a reverse suplex fireman. Apparently they still do that in Mexico.

As Broomhilda crushed his face into the soul of her rubber booty, the crowd cheering Mata! Mata! Daniel Boone wished he had come up with a better wrestling character.

Date Written: June 19, 2003
Author: Benny Maniacs
Average Vote: 2.8333

06/19/2003 anonymous (1):
06/19/2003 anonymous (1):
06/20/2003 qualcomm (3): Johnny Appleseed squeezed out a long, soft turd that contained at least 22 granny smith seeds. "Hmmm," he thought, "We'll have to 'gussy up' my techniques for posterity..."
03/1/2004 Jon Matza (4): Here's another one nowhere near as bad as the rating suggests. In fact it's pretty funny, esp the Mexico gag. And Mata is close to 'Matza'. 3 1/2 stars + 1/2 to correct the bogosity of earlier votes.
05/2/2004 anonymous (4):
05/2/2004 Mr. Pony: yeh.
03/31/2005 deliciousbrains (4):