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O! Falstaff! Was e'er a knave so noble, E'er a sage more besotted? "Fetch lager, you damnable argonaut," Fasltaff growled, blowing flatus. O! The folios! Human comedy, set to dirge! Tragedy's figure, smeared in cadmium! "Ow, my prick! Begor!" bellowed Falstaff, pulling at his culotte's folds. The groundlings, O! The onion-eaters! Shall they recall your sweet wit, Dear Falstaff, good Falstaff... rogue Falstaff? Wherefore, Hal? O, forsaken! O, betrayed! O! O!

Date Written: January 05, 2009
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 2.5

01/6/2009 scoop: This one reminds me of Shakespeare, the playwright.
01/15/2009 Dylan Danko: I like the way the title scans.
02/2/2009 unklespaz (1): fallacious and missing the point of the entente
02/22/2009 TheBuyer: it's no cuntfart doodydick
02/22/2009 qualcomm: i kind of like this short i wrote!
04/8/2009 Dylan Danko (4): This is not so bad. I imagine the author tweaking his nipples with every O!
04/8/2009 Jon Matza: Furthering Danko's comment, I think this is an extreme example of a "you have to know the author" short - 'hearing' these lines in the authors dripping-with-contempt voice made me laugh, but I'm almost sure I wouldn't have known exactly how to read (interpret) this thing had a stranger written it. Pony, what's the correct technical term for this literary phenomenon?
06/22/2009 Dylan Danko: "O! The folios!" I totally agree with the author. Fuck the folios.
05/29/2011 anonymous: he said doody dick