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A series of comic strips by the guest author Litcube. They are known for their unique level of art and writing, and for the unusual level of discussion and controversy they generated. Pants Pants 2 Pants 3 pants4 pants5 pants6 pants7 pants8 pants10 Pants 11 Pants 13

Date Written: April 06, 2009
Author: Mr. Pony
Average Vote: 3.5

04/6/2009 Jon Matza: I'll just click on Pants 9 + 12... what the...???
04/6/2009 Mr. Pony: See, the discussion and controversy just keeps on building.
04/8/2009 Litcube: Looking back, I think it's ironic that I omitted Pants 9 and 12 on account of quality control.
04/8/2009 qualcomm: "unique level"
07/29/2009 Mylittlepony (3.5): parts 9 and 12 are missing, is that a satanic thing? I like the toast and donkey characters and see room for a fully syndicated strip. my lawyers will be in contact.