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God entered the apartment, sheepishly looking for a refrigerator to stash his warm Coors Lights. He didn't want anyone to see that the Coors Light were his, nor did he want anyone to see him take someone else's Pilsner Urquell - a far superior and in this case much cooler beer.

"Hi everybody, this is my girlfriend, Stasha", God said. People looked up, smiling, hello, hi. They had all been notified he was coming, and had geared themselves up to not stare at him or seem nervous. He was absolutely sick off all this. Everyone would now go back home and tell everyone they knew that He had brought Coors Light. He needed to shake things up.

"Lets see who can do the longest keg stand!" God said.

"They don't have a keg", Stasha said. Suddenly, a large keg appeared in the middle of the kitchen floor.

People cheered.

"Sometimes you're so immature", Stasha said, empty handed. He had forgotten her beer.

Date Written: July 01, 2003
Author: Benny Maniacs
Average Vote: 1

05/5/2004 Ewan Snow: I can totally relate to God. I mean that in general, but it applies to this short as well.