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The deception gene's recessive, and lies on the X chromosome. Lucky the Y's got two genes for nuts. Mine still ached. I was eating food when the phone rang. "Yeah," I said. The phone kept ringing. I picked it up. It rang again so I lifted the receiver. "What." "You're late." "For what?" "Whom." The line went dead. Some joker. I sniffed my pits to clear my head. That's the stuff. I went to the kitchen. Someone left the icebox open. There was fried chicken, eggs, a box of Chink's, and a .45. I poured myself a glass of milk. Slugged it down and grabbed the phone. "Operator, how may I assist you?" "Chrome Seventy Seven Magic Nine Garbage," I said. "One moment, please." "Hello," said a voice. "My nuts still ache," I said. "Glenn? Is that you?" "Yes, mother." I put the receiver back down and wet my slacks. That's the stuff.

Date Written: October 26, 2009
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4.125

10/27/2009 Will Disney (4): feldspar / OSS
10/27/2009 Mr. Pony (4): Maybe you're clearing out the attic and maybe you're not, but I don't care. That is indeed "the stuff".
10/28/2009 Jon Matza (4.5): This shortburg is lean, brother. Terse, even. Taut-loin; Protein-pak.
10/29/2009 Litcube (4):
11/24/2009 Ewan Snow: like how you milked the picking-up-the-phone gag for a totally gratuitous extra joke.
12/3/2009 qualcomm: you know how i hate tooting my own horn, but it's really funny if you imagine the hardboiled detective saying "yeah" to an empty room when the phone rings.