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That's right, baby, I got what you want. Right here in my pants.

My "thingy." It's nice and long, like I know you like them.

Nice, long and thin, right baby? With a disproportionately large head. Oh yeah. It's like a long, funky-smelling Charms Blowpop, magenta through and through.

That's right, suck it baby. Suck it. (I hate women...)

Date Written: July 21, 2003
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4.6

07/21/2003 Dylan Danko (5): I cried
04/26/2004 scoop (5): Yeah, "women's basketball."
04/26/2004 Mr. Pony (4): Get over it, scoop!
05/25/2004 TheBuyer (4): They're all whores. I gotta call my mom, I'm gonna throw up.
11/2/2004 The Rid (5): My colleagues are looking at me strangely.
12/16/2004 Paula Zahn: Is this true Qualcomm? Don't tease me like that. Your description of your "thingy" has got me so mother fucking wet I could leave a snail trail from our New York offcie to Atlanta. I want to put you "thingy" in my mouth. I want to take that long deformed treat in my news hole and titilate it until it squirts its magenta treasure in to my mouth. I want it to snake my throat until I have late breaking esophagasm.
01/19/2005 qualcomm: i'd like to add that it also resembles bob barker's microphone.