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Star Wars Fan Sonnet #119

A Star Destroyer roves the zone between
Tatooine and Alderan. Deep
within the vessel, before a view-screen, Vader
holds the Princess tightly in his clutch.

Two droids in an escape pod blast off toward
the surface. The dunes of empty sand stretch far
away. And there, out in the desert, a future
Jedi sulks and rants about his chores.

But in the Canteena no one cares about
the Empire or the Jedi Knights who fight
for freedom in the galaxy.

Among the dim and crowded tables sits
a still and shadowed figure all alone
who firmly grips a blaster at his side.

Date Written: July 24, 2003
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 5

07/24/2003 Will Disney (5): sadly, i imagine that this sonnet will end up in the acmeshorts gutter along with snow's last effort, which had too many 'f's in it and confused everyone. however, this is a very, very good short. the message to me here is either a) poetry is bad or b) star wars is good, although i find it strange that snow would write a sonnet about star wars 4 ("a new hope") when he's always going on and on about how much he prefers the more recent ones.
11/30/2003 Will Disney: hey, my previous comment sucks! i still agree with the rating, however.
11/30/2003 Ewan Snow: Gee, thanks...
12/10/2004 Dick Vomit: How is this sonnet modified by the revelation that Greedo shot first?
12/10/2004 TheBuyer (5): oysters